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Lutheran Romance?

I was reading a thread online that asked the question, “What would a Jehovah’s Witness romance be like?” The response was tongue in cheek and very funny. The participants were speculating, having read that Mormons were writing and publishing romances specific to their religion. When I was on a message board for writers and would-be writers of inspirational romances, there was a very strong prevalence of the idea that denomination specific romances weren’t desirable. To me, that was all wrong. Non-denominational suggests a specific theology and ignores the fact that there are vast differences between and among churches. Well, anyway, I wrote a “Lutheran” romance but I couldn’t seem to find and ending. Today, having put the project on a back burner for a long, long time, the ending finally occurred to me and I am going to finish it. Hallelujah!


Fresh ideas?

I deleted my first post because it was so lame.

As I have admitted to myself, from time to time and with dismay, I do my best work when it appears to other people that I am doing nothing at all. That is to say, during quiet meditation, just sitting there, I come up with very good ideas.

Implementing them is another matter.
Today I was sitting in church, where my mind wanders anyway, and I conceived of the idea of writing a romance novel, hot or sweet, set in a metaverse. Would it work?

More about this later…..