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Yesterday’s Gone

Yesterday wasn’t the best of days for me.  Slight headache, tired, hives, behind  on my meds and my work, and then I caught a glimpse of my pale self in a mirror.  Yes, death warmed over.  Then I got a customer.  A nice man and his daughter who lives with him in the summer.  My grandfather had gotten him started with fossils years ago.  He asked me if I was Grandpa’s daughter.  That would put me at about 92 years old.  Yes, it’s easy to get the generations mixed up.  I’ve done it myself.  But yesterday wasn’t going all that well.

Later in the day I got into a conversation with a family member who expressed a concept that he admitted was elusive but probably valid at the same time.  I agreed.  He said, “When you are a rogue or a maverick, as opposed to being institutional, you run the risk of being regarded as lazy”.