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The lighting of a votive candle symbolizes the offering of a prayer. Or it can be a visual reminder of a solemn vow. Votive candles can be any size or shape but the most recognizable are 1.5″ in diameter and 2″ tall, and are set in small glass holders. Their comforting glow lights homes and churches. The votive candle
is often seen in Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, Lutheran and Methodist churches, and at the ceremonies of other spiritualities that need visual reminders of life’s experiences.

The use of votive candles is not limited to churches and temples and houses of worship. Many homes are decorated with votive candles, in groupings or as part of a larger floral display. The votives are reasonably safe in their glass containers and they burn down without too much leftover residue. Sometimes the candles are color-coordinated with the home’s furnishings, or sometimes holiday colors and scents are used. Christmas votive candles might be red, green and white, and those that appear at Halloween are often black, orange and purple. Spring festivities might be celebrated with candles in pastel Easter egg shades, but there are no rules. Whether traditional white, ivory, or beeswax, or fashion shades that change from year to year, votive candles are an expression of artistry and spirituality.