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My Most Neglected Blog

I found this in Google Docs. I wrote it for Mechanical Turk and got paid, probably a dollar or two, and I suppose I signed away the rights. But I don’t care. What are they going to do to me?

My favorite artist is Frida Kahlo, because she was not afraid to paint self-portraits time and time again, and she reveled in bright colors. I admire her because she was self-taught, and she did not allow her lack of formal instruction to inhibit her. In fact, direction from anyone except herself may have robbed her of the uniqueness of her style. She was able to express physical pain and isolation. She drew upon aspects of her background and experience, that of an indigenous woman and an observer of and perhaps a participant in the Mexican revolution. Frida said, “I was born a bitch; I was born a painter”. That statement summarizes her persona. Perhaps I admire Frida for her personal outrageousness. She was a Trotskyite, and bisexual. Her marriage was turbulent, perhaps even violent. Insisting on claiming her Hungarian-Jewish heritage, she has been found to have been of German Lutheran descent on her father’s side. Even this illusion is compelling.

What You Might Find In Google

I have a painting of Rosa Parks in my office, an inexpensive print in a plastic frame.  Everyone knows who Rosa Parks is but at the bottom of the print it says Paul Collins.  Who is Paul Collins?

He grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he flunked high school art once  and was told art wasn’t a practical career choice.  One man had confidence in Paul’s abilities and encouraged him to try various mediums.  He experimented and settled on oil.  

Since those early days, Paul Collins has painted people in west Africa, Israel, Japan, and on the Pine Ridge Reservation.  His mural of Gerald Ford is on display at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.  His special projects have included special Olympics, famous black women, Key West Florida, Americans at work, and a long list of others.  His work is on display in libraries, galleries and museums all over the world.

I’m certainly glad I took the time to google this amazing artist.



The urge to write a novel is growing stronger every day. Yes, I know. I have two or three incomplete novels somewhere in my files and I should finish those before I start something new. But those are genre fiction and this is serious. The framework of the story incubating inside my consciousness is how computers changed my life.

Visitors to the property ask if the barn is filled with arts. I have to explain that, no, our dad’s name was Art and the barn is dedicated to him. It is impossible to articulate the artistry of Art. He was a wonderful person and he was a storyteller, and so am I.