What You Might Find In Google

I have a painting of Rosa Parks in my office, an inexpensive print in a plastic frame.  Everyone knows who Rosa Parks is but at the bottom of the print it says Paul Collins.  Who is Paul Collins?

He grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he flunked high school art once  and was told art wasn’t a practical career choice.  One man had confidence in Paul’s abilities and encouraged him to try various mediums.  He experimented and settled on oil.  

Since those early days, Paul Collins has painted people in west Africa, Israel, Japan, and on the Pine Ridge Reservation.  His mural of Gerald Ford is on display at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.  His special projects have included special Olympics, famous black women, Key West Florida, Americans at work, and a long list of others.  His work is on display in libraries, galleries and museums all over the world.

I’m certainly glad I took the time to google this amazing artist.


One response to “What You Might Find In Google

  1. I don’t see a like button, but this is very likeable. Great find, and so wonderful that we have such tools to discover things like that. What a nightmare tracking him down would have been only a few years ago. And it’s great for him too, to have the ability to gather such an audience. You should take a picture of his painting and post it here, I’d be curious to see what it looks like now that you’ve mentioned it.

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