Monthly Archives: April 2010

my birthday long ago

I had a relative by marriage who was a hunter and a roughneck. One year on the occasion of my birthday he wrapped up some deer legs with the hooves still attached in gift paper. I was probably about ten years old. Someone snapped a picture of me opening the gift. On the picture my nose is wrinkled up in disgust but I am smiling. I grew up believing I should never offend anyone. I was thoroughly turned off by the sight of those deer legs that were still bloody on the ends that had been severed, but I felt it was impolite to express how I really felt. When I look back on those years, I realize that this person was a tyrant and a bully. He controlled what was said in his presence with his anger, and he made decisions for the extended family about things that were none of his business. He drank and caused all sorts of trouble in the community. Nobody ever answered him back. When I look at that picture, I wish I hadn’t smiled.


Is social networking useful? I don’t have a clue. I’ve dropped myspace because it’s too creaky, and because it was frustrating. I’m mainline not fundamentalist and I didn’t seem to fit in. Also, they started charging for media and there’s no way I would pay for that site. I can’t log into Woman Owned. I still blog at angelfire and that’s where my website is. Area Voices? Maybe, although I don’t think anyone reads me. Cafemom? Hehe. I’m not a mom but I haven’t gotten kicked out yet. And Etsy. Oh yes, the other day someone asked in one of the forums if Etsy was their main social life. I’m on Facebook daily but I shouldn’t be. Flickr is ok but my photography skills are marginal. LinkedIn promises a lot but I’ve never gained anything from it. I like the mineral group on Ning but it’s inactive. I’ve never understood Twitter. I’ve belonged to yahoo groups for years now and they are pedestrian but reliable. Youtube might serve me better if I could do machinima. So I guess that leaves the virtual world called SecondLife, and the message boards on which I have not accessed for a couple of years. And can’t remember my password. Oh yes I did join something new recently. Something called Dirty Rockhounds. So far I have no opinion…