Throughout my life I’ve been deemed shy, backward, awkward, clumsy, incompetent, lazy, unfocused, nonconforming, kiddish, stubborn, careless…and yet I never felt there was anything wrong with me. I will admit, I have felt frustrated by the disconnect.

I have wondered…if mental health had been more of a priority when I was a child…would I have been diagnosed as having Asperger’s?

Surfing around, I’ve discovered a controversial and unproven theory of autism. Not all of it fits but a lot of it resonates with me.

Some believe that homo sapiens interbred with neanderthal humans and there are people living nowadays who carry the genes that give them a different way of communicating and learning. These individuals are not dysfunctional. They are the way they are meant to be.

Now, we don’t know for sure if there ever were neanderthal/modern human hybrids. Maybe some day we will know. My Jehovah’s Witness friends would dismiss this theory on the basis that they believe humans appeared six thousand years ago. However, this theory doesn’t really require a belief in human evolution, except for the time line.

I don’t think I have Aspbergers or whatever they are calling it these days. But if I do, I’m in better company than most of the people who sit around talking about their aching feet. Think Einstein, Jane Austen, Isaac Newton….


4 responses to “neanderthals

  1. The theory is interesting; I certainly looked into it when I first heard about it. While it is intriguing and there is some anecdotal evidence supporting it, I don’t think that it is a realisitc explantion for autistic behavior as it is based on some much speculation. More research needs to be done.

    Two other things:

    – Autism is a interesting neurological disorder because of the wide range of behaviors associated with it. As someone with Asperger’s, I’d like to think that it isn’t an “impairment”, but simply a different way of thinking. But as someone that works with severely autisic children, I see first hand how damaging it can be on people’s quality of life.

    – Having autism or AS doesn’t make you cool or special or unique. Nor does it justify bad behavior or attitudes. So it frustrates me to hear people on the internet self-diagnose themselves as an explantion for why they don’t have any friends, and that people should respect their dickish behavior because they “can’t help it”.

    I’m not saying you are doing this, but it is an annoying trend I see.

  2. I googled dickish behavior but couldn’t find a good example.

  3. Dickish behavior is kind of like smut: Hard to define, but you’ll know it when you see it.

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