I learned from a speaker at the Unitarian church service I attended with a friend that the pipeline running just a half mile from my house will carry not regular petroleum but benzine. I knew the tar sands were in a diluent but I didn’t know what it was. He said it’s not a question of it if will leak, but when and where and how much. The old people on the reservation have been having dreams about a great conflagration. Benzine is far more toxic and flammable than petroleum. Removing the tar sands has already caused problems for the people in one of the Canadian provinces (can’t remember which) including two tribes of indigenous people. It also takes a lot of energy to process it, so it doesn’t add anything to the total supply. The pipelines goes under the Mississippi in this area, in several places. It also affects two other major rivers that supply millions of people with water.

We’ve already had problems with that pipeline. But that’s another story.


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