how much am I worth?

There is no one-on-one correlation between the work I do and how much money I earn. I am in retail and freelancing. Sometimes my activities are a complete bust . So I have decided, beginning Jan. 1, to assign arbitrary values to my work and to make the numbers add up to …who knows? Taking care of myself, my number one priority, is worth $100 if I do an hour of doctor prescribed exercise per day and if I remember to take all my medications. Completed creative works in any genre are also worth $100. Writing is worth five cents a word. Blog entries, $25. Linking and networking details are $10 each. And items posted on my website are valued at their sale price.


2 responses to “how much am I worth?

  1. That’s a good way to go! Inputs are easier to control than outcomes.

  2. I would never try to rate my time with a dollar value. As soon as you begin doing that you are putting a monetary value to something that is invaluable – your entire life.

    Money should be viewed as a tool, and shouldn’t be an goal (not in the long term anyway).


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