hard times

Lately, I have been watching reruns of Little House on the Prairie.  I’ve discussed them with my brother who, like me, was a fan of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books both when he was a kid and as an adult.  We get back to the subject of how closely the series followed the books, and how the characters on TV seem to speak in seventies vernacular.

This ongoing discussion has led me to researching the author online and I have gleaned a few interesting facts.  One is that the books didn’t follow Real Life as closely as one might think and are more fictionalized autobiography than memoir.  The TV series goes even further astray.

Laura Ingalls Wilder achieved financial security late in life through her writing.  Prior to that, her daughter Rose supported Laura and her husband Almanzo for a time on the earnings from her own writings.  What impressed me was that Rose achieved this during a time of economic depression.

Now the news analysts et al are talking recession and depression.  I didn’t know there was one until I read about it in the news.  And sure enough, my internet business has dropped off to almost nothing.  Maybe this type of news feeds upon itself.  Maybe I will spend more time on my writing, and keep my fingers crossed.  Hard times ahead?  Makes a person wonder……


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