share your knowledge

Since my old computer went down (the one on which I kept all my files and current projects), I have tended to work on my website rather than start new projects as I promised myself I would do. I thought I would start afresh but I have not felt inspired. Website work needs attention too so I have not wasted my time.

But I felt I needed a couple of writing prompts. I asked myself what kind of writing is so new to me that it would stretch my brain in all directions and help me see better. To make a long story short, I discovered a free online course in screenwriting, which I printed out and skimmed over. I do believe that going through the “homewoprk” this 9 week course assigns would light a few bulbs in anyone’s brain.

But what really caught my attention was a suggestion right in the middle, following lesson four or five, to be thinking about how to share gained knowledge, whether by teaching, mentoring, acquiring a study buddy, or whatever.

What better way to use and remember lessons than by sharing?


One response to “share your knowledge

  1. Shearing is truly the way to move yourself and all
    you care to help.

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