Monthly Archives: December 2007

share your knowledge

Since my old computer went down (the one on which I kept all my files and current projects), I have tended to work on my website rather than start new projects as I promised myself I would do. I thought I would start afresh but I have not felt inspired. Website work needs attention too so I have not wasted my time.

But I felt I needed a couple of writing prompts. I asked myself what kind of writing is so new to me that it would stretch my brain in all directions and help me see better. To make a long story short, I discovered a free online course in screenwriting, which I printed out and skimmed over. I do believe that going through the “homewoprk” this 9 week course assigns would light a few bulbs in anyone’s brain.

But what really caught my attention was a suggestion right in the middle, following lesson four or five, to be thinking about how to share gained knowledge, whether by teaching, mentoring, acquiring a study buddy, or whatever.

What better way to use and remember lessons than by sharing?


It was a play I had written for church.  The first part was very slow moving.  It was a comedy but no one was laughing.  The day was hot.  We don’t get too many hot summer days in Minnesota some years, and that was a cold summer, but it was humid and muggy inside of the church.  The character actor (or actress) was wearing a cotton sun dress.  She got up out of a chair, and the dress had stuck in her butt crack.  The audience roared with laughter.  The action of the drama picked up and the play went well.